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HAV Noise Testing


HAV Control Limited help organisations identify and manage areas at risk from noise within the workplace in accordance with "The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005".

Through the completion of a noise assessment, sources of possible hazards are identified and employee daily personal noise exposure levels are calculated. Additional working processes that can potentially cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) are also determined.

Post evaluation discussions and the assessment report, will identify if current protective measures that have been implemented are sufficient or require a review or modification.
Hav Control workplace air quality monitoring
Clearly identify noise levels with hav control


A professional report will be produced (electronic and printed format) highlighting work processes and operations that will expose employees to noise levels above the current Lower Exposure and Upper Exposure Action values and including recommendations where required:-

  • Measurements carried out in accordance with “The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005”
  • Carry out a noise assessment at various locations, undertaking both manufacturing based measurements and ambient background noise levels
  • Personal Process Noise:- This is noise emitted from tools and equipment as the operator would use them to carry out daily tasks. This measurement is taken at the ear position utilising a fully integrating type one noise meter
  • Wearable Dose Badges deployed for certain restrictive work processes/tasks
  • Identification of those employees exposed to high levels of noise where hearing damage could be of concern
  • The values of process and background and factory noise
  • Evaluation of current hearing protection and its effectiveness
  • Identify sources of noise giving rise to associated risk
  • Operator’s Daily Personal Noise Exposure Level (LEP, d) calculated by using octave band frequency analysis
  • Advice on noise reduction techniques if applicable